Most of the average pet-dog‘s daily life can be quite a bore: so, beside love and attention, the most valuable gift you could give your dog would be freedom from having to stay indoors for long periods, and from always having to be on a lead while on walks. But, unless he is immaculately behaved, today’s civilised human society has become so intolerant toward dogs in public places, that such a gift is very reluctantly given. Want to find out more?

No training project is more important than training the dog to come reliably when called. All companion dogs, especially dogs Exhibiting Problem behaviors when of leash, should be trained to come and halt-stay to a high degree of efficiency and reliability. The habit of coming when called should be established early and practiced often. Puppies not trained to come when called before week 16 are typically much more difficult to train to come reliably as adults. Early training efforts should emphasize the reward and play training., thorough environmental exposure and habituation, and varied daily practice activities.  Want to find out more?

In the summer of 2018 various newspapers, magazines and T.V. programs ran stories claiming e-collars were banned, it was untrue “Fake News”.

The government had proposed a ban and DEFRA ran a consultation to gauge people’s feelings on the issue, the Consultation lasted 6 weeks ending in April/2018.  DEFRA received 7334 responses to the consultation over 64% of all the responses received did not want to see the collars banned. No ban was ever introduced. Remote Trainers, Pet fences and bark control collars are still legal to use and buy; they continue to be an excellent remedial training tool which has saved hundreds of thousands of dog’s lives, so many rescue dogs with problems that just couldn’t find a suitable home were finally successfully rehomed following training with the help of our systems. Want to find out more?

If your dog has a medical condition, such as a heart problem. It is essential that you seek the advice from your veterinary specialist, before starting any training with the active collar If your dog is of a nervous disposition be sure to check the effect of the stimulation while the dog is on a secure line or in a safe area. Training should cease if there are any signs of trauma. Do not use a remote trainer on your dog less than six months of age for any reason. Never use it on a dog younger than about ten months old for obedience training, since he must first understand completely the command that you give before you make any attempt to correct him using the stimulus. Want to find out more?

The Bark Controller collar is the most humane & highly effective model on the market, designed to give your dog a Vibration or Tone pre warning and distracting static stimulation to stop nuisance barking instantly. You cannot have a dog and expect it to never bark, but nuisance barking now that’s a different story. Want to know more?

The stimulation correction level (intensity) or strong vibration correction level on PAC Buzz collar is controlled solely from the handset. Depending on the PACDOG handset model this intensity is controlled from a dial on the handset whereas on others, it is controlled by pressing the appropriate, pre-set-level trigger. Want to know more?

It is utterly pointless attempting to correct a dog some minutes, or even seconds after he has ‘committed an offence’, since he will hardly be able to associate the punishment with the crime. Any late reprimand will not be understood, making the dog believe that the trainer is cruelly dominant, and cause him to be reluctant in future to come back… just to be ‘punished’.   Want to know more?

understand bark collar

Bark Collars are one of the most controversial collars on the market. There are plenty of myths and fibs so it is hard to make up your mind if this is right for your pet. E-Collar technology has developed significantly over the last 5 years giving owners more control and precision on how they want to train their pet……

Thousands of dogs’ lives have been saved, and tens of thousands more dogs now enjoy a quality of life and freedom that has been improved – beyond all recognition. At the same time, the use of Pet Containment Systems has resulted in an enormous reduction in heartache and frustration for their owners and trainers. Furthermore and conversely, use of the collar has also prevented countless situations where dogs might otherwise have killed or painfully maimed other creatures, for example, sheep, deer and chickens….